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Overbetting in Poker

There are a myriad of ways that you can bet in poker and one of them is called the ‘overbet’. It warrants further attention because it is not a standard bet that you will see in an ordinary game of poker.

The definition of an overbet, according to most poker news outlets, is to bet more money than is in the pot at the time of the bet. 

Excitable beginners often do this when they have hit the nuts and think the best way to be paid is by dumping every penny into the middle.

In small to mid-stakes games, the overbet is not a common move. This means it isn’t standard, and, if you can try to apply principles to your game that are non-standard, then you are on track to create a very difficult game to play against.

When you overbet, you are going to have a very polarised range of either the nuts or absolutely nothing. 

You know this and they know this, and so choosing your opponent becomes critical when deciding to overbet. 

There are players who are very gun shy. They come into the game with the minimum amount of money and are playing scared. 

These types of players are usually going to wait for a better spot. They might have an inkling that you are at it, but just won’t take the chance. 

Then you have players who like to be heroes. These are players whom love to call overbets because they think you have nothing and will call you down very light. 

Against these types of players, your overbets should be purely for value, especially inOmaha poker events. Let them see what they want to see. Give them the rope and they will duly hang themselves. 




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Overbetting in Poker