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Poker - Thin Value Betting

When you decide to bet, you are either betting as a bluff or for value. For a bluff to be effective, you must force your opponent to fold a hand that is worse than yours. 

For a value bet to be effective, you must get your opponent to call with a worse hand than yours. So what exactly is thin value betting?

Thin value betting is when you can extract value from a marginal holding. The ability to extract value from marginal holdings makes truly great players.

As the modern game evolves, players are practicing thinner and thinner value bets. Thin value bets are great because they hold intrinsically more value than the chips that you win in the particular hand. 

If your opponent is aware that you are capable of value betting, thinly, with third pair on a 4-card straight, then they are always going to be second-guessing when they are in important hands with you. 

Given that the game is all about trying to get your opponent to misunderstand your actions, you can see how important betting thinly for value can be for your overall image.

When deciding whether to value bet thinly, make sure that you have a good read of your opponents likely holding, that your player is a calling station, or that they are a very experienced player who thinks a lot, who may think that you are bluffing because you hold such a polarised range.


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Last Updated 21 October 2018
Poker - Thin Value Betting